"Sign in with Apple" failing on my.scouting.org website, myScouting mobile app, Scouting mobile app, but not Scoutbook.scouting.org

For Websites:

  1. Hardware: Desktop
  2. Operating system: MacOS 11.6
  3. Safari 14.1, latest Chrome and Firefox
  4. Issue has been replicated in three browsers, both in regular mode and incognito mode.

For Phone Apps:

  1. Hardward: iPhone 13 Pro
  2. Operating System: iOS 15.0.2

I’m in Lake Erie Council and my Member ID is 113147140.

I use “Sign in with Apple” and can easily authenticate on other websites that use this feature. I can login to Scoutbook.scouting.org without issue.

However, when trying to use “Sign in with Apple” on any site that uses the my.scouting authentication page, or either of the iOS apps, I get an error message stating that my account was not found. See attached screenshot.


I am seeing the same error with my Apple ID on my.scouting.org. Please pass this on to the correct group.

@edavignon @ThaddeusQuintin ths has been reported.

I am also having this issue with login from Google. It gives the same error message that my account doesn’t exist, but I can’t log in to my account because it says it is linked to Google.

I too am getting an error when trying to login using Google

This morning I was able to use “Sign in with Apple” on my.scouting.org without issue. Working for everyone else?

@thaddeusquintin - I tested both the MyScouting app and My.Scouting.org and was able to log into both with issues using Apple Login.

A change that was made recently was rolled back last night, allowing Apple and Google logins to work again.

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