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National Outdoor Awards

Saw this was closed 1 day ago so re-upping the suggestion

My suggestion has to do with Linking the National Outdoor Award progress to Merit badges earned as well as the logs that scoutbook already has

Several examples of this are

Aquatics - Scuba, Small boat sailing, Whitewater, Fishing Fly fishing etc MB
Camping - Cooking, First aid, Pioneering … and camping MB

It would be nice if Scoutbook would take the Completion of merit badges and automatically populate the National Outdoor Award requirements

Also it would be nice if it would pull the from things like the camping log … or the hiking log and populate them as well

Right now the entire process is manual … and it takes forever to link everything up

This has been suggested previously and is in the backlog, however, we do not know when or if the BSA may schedule it for implementation.

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