National Update Created Duplicate "Youth Member"

Am told that National advanced Cub Scouts in Scoutbook on June 14th. In looking at Scoutbook today, the majority of my cubs now have two memberships listed - one in a den (which was created from manually advancing the scouts at the end of the school year) and one that says “Youth Member”.

The impact of this is that the cubs appear not only in their den, but also in a “Scouts Not Assigned” section on the Pack roster. So, it creates a little bit of confusion when looking at the Pack Roster.

What is the solution to this? Is it as simple as going in individually and ending each Cub Scout’s “Youth Member” membership while leaving the existing den membership intact? Or is there a fix that can be made on the back end to delete the duplicate Youth Member entries?

I’m not going to ask why a duplicate membership was created in the Pack roster by a national update when the Cubs are currently assigned to dens…

@DavisWright - put an end date on the one listed as Youth Member


Post a few BSA Member IDs (no names) and we will investigate

@edavignon - happened in my pack with a date of 15 June Akelasync

bsa ID 136771387 is one of the scouts

BSA Member ID where a duplicate entry was created: 137511450, 136772343, 14280551, 137495112, 136478186 (plus 22 others in the Pack).

BSA Member ID where NO duplicate entry was created: 14545962, 13397652

@DavisWright @Stephen_Hornak

I suggest NOT doing anything to correct this for the moment. I have notified BSA IT of the problem and asked them to fix it as it is a national issue.

@edavignon - oh snap… let me revert them back

actually can not revert the youth membership.

Actually it duplicated entries on our roster so that my Pack of 42 scouts now has 69 scouts showing on the roster page. Just giving additional information for the IT department.

Yes because each Scout has 2 membership entries in your pack. BSA IT is investigating.

Thank you, just noticed the same. The “unassigned” status seems to take precedence over the den assignment. I noticed in creating a purchase order, that trying to sort by den lumped everyone (except Webelos) into that unassigned/Youth Member status. I really don’t want to have to end this superfluous membership in dozens of Scouts without a batch function.

Looking at prior memberships, I believe similar things have happened before.

Not sure why National advanced everyone, not all State public schools have finished yet (nor do they all start in early August). We are just finishing up here in Massachusetts.

Note that membership database (Akela) does NOT know what dens any Scout is in and the grade roll has nothing to do with the Dens assigned in Scoutbook. As far as I know, the grade field in Akela is only used for generating statistics.

The BSA does not know school calendars so they pick a reasonable date for most of the country where advancing the grades happens between school years. Granted this does not work for every school but for the BSA’s usage of the field, it is “close enough”.

BSA IT is aware of Scoutbook the issue. I expect it to be fixed in the not too distant future.

I can appreciate not knowing when all schools finish (nor wanting to!), but it isn’t hard to find out that some of the largest schools systems in the US aren’t done until later in June. Perhaps that feedback can be pushed to whoever makes this choice? I will admit I don’t know how waiting another week or 10 days creates issues on the IT side (maybe some summer camps have started?). But it would presumably reduce the potential issue by many thousands of Cub Scouts.

At least in my case, Webelos finishing up are unaffected, all the younger ranks are impacted.

As long as there isn’t a bug, it really is pretty invisible. In the past 3-4 years, I had no idea they move everyone up a grade. They aren’t moving what anyone is working on.

The duplicate memberships have been removed. All Pack rosters should be back to the way they were on 6/14/23.

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