"Needs Purchasing Report" not working

HI - I am the advancement coordinator for our Pack and have been so for 2 years, so I should have the correct credentials. This week, when I am in Scoutbook, I cannot generate a purchasing report. When I click on it, the page just refreshes to my dashboard page. The “Needs Approval” and “Needs Awarding” reports are working. I have also tried to generate this report through the Internet Advancement site. I can see the correct Scouts and their correct awards, but the generate button is gray and I cannot generate the report.

@JanineYi - are you assigned that functional role in my.scouting.org ?

@JanineYi your Pack Admin Position ended at recharter - I pack admin needs to give you that position or a Key 3 needs to give you the functional position above

Thank you both for your prompt responses! Recartering was the issue.

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