Unable to access needs purchasing report

I am the Advancement Chair for the Troop and I am unable to to generate a purchase report. I was able to before, but I haven’t been able to for more than 6 months now and have asked everyone I could think of within the Troop about how to get this updated.

@RobinWebb Your Advancement Chair role for the B troop is not approved in Scoutbook. A Troop Admin needs to approve it.

In addition, you need to have Edit Advancement permissions (or higher) to all Scouts in the troop in order for your Advancement Chair role to work properly. I would recommend having a Troop Admin check your permissions to all Scouts in each troop.

You might also want to ask your Committee Chair to go to my.scouting and add you as Unit Advancement Chair there using the Organization Manager → Roster → Functional Roles. You will need to wait for an overnight process to run, but the next day you will be a Troop Admin.

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