New Calendar Event Default Date

Is there any plan to have a new calendar event default to start on the date you have selected on the calendar?

If I move forward a couple of months in the calendar and click on a date in the mini calendar on the right, and then click the blue circle with the plus sign to add an event, I feel like the date I had selected should be chosen for me in the dialog that pops up.

Would also be nice to have the system pop up a new event dialog with the date defaulted when you click on the date number in the larger calendar. The cursor turns into a finger when you hover so it sure looks like it’s a button that ought to do something, and the old Scoutbook calendar offered that functionality.

Would love to see these implemented if possible, thanks!

@JaredReece1 the large calendar does that - the mini is more of a preview and does not have functions like that (not sure if it could function that well so small)

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It’s not doing that for me, I guess. I click on the number on the large calendar and nothing happens. If that’s already a feature then it must be a problem with my browser?

Double click big calendar day

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Awesome, thank you! Never even thought to double-click on it.

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