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Calendar feature update

When using the calendar to create an event for my pack / den, the date starts with Jan 2010. I would like to start it with today’s date instead.

Can you describe how you are creating new calendar events?

Scoutbook is defaulting to today’s date for me.

I click on My Dashboard,

click on Create new event

I set event type to other, I click on the start date and the popup defaults to Jan 2010, even though the start block shows todays date.

The Start and end times default for me as Jan 1 2010. I have to fast forward to the date I want.

I’ve cleared my cookies and cache, but that’s what happens.

See attached screen shot

I wasn’t able to replicate this at the troop level with any event type. It always brings up today’s date.

Maybe it’s something specific to the code for the pack-level events? You’re not logged in using the Den Leader Experience, are you? It looks like regular Scoutbook to me, but since I’m at the troop level, I’m not sure how much the DLE interface differs from the regular Scoutbook interface.

ETA: Are you using the Feature Assistant Extension?

ETA2: Tested using both Firefox and Chrome on Win10 with & without FAE running.

@EricBursley What device and operating system are you using?

I’m a Cubmaster using the regular Scoutbook experience, no feature extensions or Den Leader Experience.

Windows 10 with Chrome Browser


I do not see the issue on Windows 10 with Chrome. Can you try opening an incognito window then creating an event there?

I get the same thing.

Again, from Home, I click on My Dashboard, create new event

I select the calendars I want, such as my two Webelos / AOL Dens. I then click in the text box for start, which has todays date and time, but the pop up starts Jan 2010.

It sounds like you are selecting multiple dens. Is that right?

That is correct.

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On Jul 7, 2020 16:31, Jacob Fetzer via Scouting Forums

Jacob Fetzer jacobfetzer Scoutbook User Advisory Council
July 7

It sounds like you are selecting multiple dens. Is that right?

Yes, I’ve seen that before. We will make sure the developers are aware.

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