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New Den Leader

A parent already registered in Scoutbook is becoming a den leader.
When I am in Scoutbook, in the den he will be leader of, I select Add Leader. I search for his name and go to add him as the den leader. But the option to assign him to that specific den isn’t available. The den is listed, but it is whited out and can not be selected.
How do I get around this?

@GwenMulcahey - if you are in the den they will be a leader of it should auto select that den. There should be no reason to select it or any other den.

Make sure that you are using the correct position title for the den type:

Den Leader for Lion, Wolf, and Bear dens
Tiger Den Leader for Tiger dens
Webelos Den Leader for Webelos dens

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Thank you JenniferOlinger! That was the problem!


@JenniferOlinger - I had started typing that and changed my train of thought. But yes @GwenMulcahey - the positions have to match the den levels.

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