New IA Calendar - Hiking

I was looking at creating an event and it seems that under Event Type there isn’t a choice for hiking. I have scouts going on a backpacking trip this weekend and wanted to test the calendar.


Is this something that can be added? I have not been able to add hiking ever… so I was looking forward to that in the new calendar.

@GabiFitzgerald - that is what the log entries are for. You would enter the event as other then enter the hike miles in the activity log for hiking

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There aren’t a lot of choices. The choices do, though, match what is in Scoutbook.

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See the help guide here on how to link an event to a hiking activity log entry

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When the SB calendar is retired the programmers will be able to create more categories.


That’s a bummer, but I have figured out how to add things. The previous AC didn’t use the Advancement site to my knowledge. I’m trying to adjust to the new norm for what National is doing.