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No "hiking" option in the "Create Event" screen?

When I go to the “create an event” screen in Scoutbook, I don’t see an option for event type = “Hike”

Yet, in this help web page:

It talks about an “Activity Log Report” that includes hiking.

Is there any concept of declaring a hiking event (with associated hiking miles) and the recording the attendence of that hiking event? (automatically tracking the hiking miles for each attending scout)

I couldn’t find anything in help.

Ben Slade
Pack 478 of Kensington MD

The Hiking Log and Calendar are not connected that way

@BenjaminSlade - I enter the event as other or if on a campout use that type. Then based on attending scouts use the quick entry to log miles.

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Re: use the quick entry to log miles

Where “quick entry” is part of the Chrome/Firefox web ‘Feature Assistant’ browser extension. Got it. Thanks.

@BenjaminSlade - no actually native to scoutbook at the unit and den/patrol pages

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