New Merit Badge Counselor

Just submitted Merit Badge Counselor application to my Council. I am curious what it will look like on Scoutbook when it gets approved. Will there be changes on My Dashboard or My Account? I understand it might take a while to get through Council approval, so I’m wondering how I’ll know it’s up.

Does your council upload the list? it is not automatic. If they do upload you have to wait for next upload - if they do not upload a unit admin needs to add position for you

Login to ScoutBook. Go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Positions. If you are registered as a Merit Badge Counselor, it will show up as a position in Scoutbook, along with the badges you have agreed to counsel. If you counsel is managing the MBC list, then it will show up once they have registered you as a counselor, and have uploaded the latest Council list to ScoutBook. If your Council is NOT managing the MBC list, then I think you have to get your unit to add you.

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You’ll see some new options in your Dashboard:

@SteveCagigas to be fair you do have Extension on as well

Oops, forgot about that…

Without the extension, you only have:

  • Quick Entry for MB Counselors
  • Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors
  • Print Blue Cards

The other two items come from the Extension.

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