Merit Badge Counselor not in Scoutbook

For over a year, I’ve been an approved MBC for several badges in our Council. All Merit Badges in My Positions list have “blue checks” next to them. For the last several months, I’m not searchable in Scoutbook and can’t connect within SB to Scouts I’m working with. Council office has confirmed that I’m still showing as approved in Scout.NET lists. We’ve gone through several rounds of problem solving at the Unit and Council level and are out of ideas.

I’ve searched through the forum to find an answer but I come up with either “expiration” error or that a ticket must be submitted for further investigation. Any guidance is most appreciated.

I recognize it’s the obvious question, but when you log in at my.scouting, does your MBC position appear there? Similarly, when you log in to Scoutbook, does the MBC position there show as approved? I’ve “fallen off” of my council’s lists in Scoutbook before due to what seem like data entry issues, even though I was still current in the council-maintained lists. It looked a lot like what you’re describing.

That said, the search functionality in Scoutbook has been dysfunctional, although I’m not sure it’s been for as long as you’re describing. Who’s searching for you that can’t find you? Unit leadership? Parents?

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@KristinaNeuser It does not look like your Council has entered your merit badges in the system

Yours is left - mine is right


@DonovanMcNeil Donovan That’s interesting! Here’s a screenshot from Scoutbook showing the positions as approved by council:

And shows that I’m listed as both an MBC and Troop Committee Member. I’ll take this back to the staff at Counsel to see if they can figure it out.

@CharleyHamilton Charley No one can find me. And if I search from our Troop page in Scoutbook, even I can’t find me. I only see it if I go through My Positions.

Your picture is missing the green shield with check mark next to Merit Badge Counselor.

It is also missing “Approved by the [name of council], BSA”. It would normally be above the text “Counselor for any Scout in the BSA”.

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Was your council involved in a merger at some point. I had this issue post merger with some people

@KristinaNeuser Your Merit Badge Counselor position is not approved in Scoutbook. I have requested a position sync.

After your position sync, your council might need to re-load your merit badge list.

You guys are so cool. I wouldn’t have caught that.

For @KristinaNeuser 's reference, this is what it is “supposed to” look like…

@KristinaNeuser After the requested position sync, your MBC looks approved to me in Scoutbook. I am also able to search for you using Scoutbook’s “MB Counselor List” search tool.

How are things working for you today?

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