No approval option for Second Class 2d

There is no “leader approved” option appearing for Tenderfoot Second Class requirement #2d.

I have full permissions on the Scout’s account, I am able to approve all other requirements including the rank itself.

@PeterEasterlund 2d? There is no 2d?

Oops… Second Class 2d.

Should have had coffee before posting. Not a critical bug, I can still approve the rank itself.


Your entry in Scoutbook looks correct. Please post the BSA Member ID (no names) of the Scout you are having trouble with so we can check your connection to the Scout.

The issue appears for all Scouts in my troop. The approval box is missing on Second Class 2d (it is present for all other requirements).


Thank you for the clarification. I have replication the issue and will notify the developers.

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I had this exact same issue last night entering 2nd class 2d. It did show up in the “needs approval report” so I was able to approve it, but I saw the same “missing leader approve” checkbox that is normally there as shown above.

This was on BSA ID 133148316

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