Nova Patch/Pin Glitch

I have a group of scouts who just completed a NOVA. The Needs Awarding report says they all need a pi device, but for some of them, it’s their first NOVA, and they actually need the patch. I had to look at each individual scout to make sure how to award. This happened last time I awarded NOVAs also. A couple scouts mistakenly got awarded pins because I didn’t know to look for this bug. Is there another way to report this glitch to get looked into? Thanks!

Is it wrong on the purchase order too, or just the needs awarding report?

The PO is mostly correct. One scout says to award a patch, but it’s because on the last PO it told me to award a pin (on his first NOVA) and it was already awarded; I just exchanged the pin for a patch after the fact. So maybe scoutbook is correcting itself?

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