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Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award on PO

A scout earned the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award as a Tiger. It is recorded in SB properly and he has been awarded the patch. He just earned it again as a Bear. The Needs Purchasing report incorrectly says to buy the patch, but the Needs Approval report correctly says to award the pin. If that scout didn’t happen to be my own, I would not have known to tell the Advancement Chair what to buy.

Testing this a second (higher rank one) went to my Purchase order as the pin? Are you sure the patch made it to a Scoutbook Purchase order?

OK - I see you are talking about the Needs Purchasing showing Patch - but the PO shows pin - Noted and sent in

I’m also reporting an issue with this, but slightly varied. My son and another boy in his den both earned the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award as Tigers and earned the patch. They also just completed this weekend the award again as Wolves. In the needs Purchasing Report, my son accurately reflects needing the Pin, but the other boy, who had identical requirements signed off, shows up in our Purchasing Report as needing the patch. If anyone need screen shots, etc, let me know.



Is the award earned as a Tiger recorded in Scoutbook? Is the patch only appearing on the Needs Purchasing Report or also on the Purchase Order?

Fair question. Both boys have it recorded in Scoutbook for both Tiger and Wolf. Both of them show the patch AND pin in their profile under the Awards category.

I just created a PO (hadn’t done that yet) and the PO is correct, it shows two pins, not patches. So just a partial glitch. :slight_smile:

This is the same issue Donovan reported to the developers on Friday.

The twist to the OP was that for one Scout, it reported correctly in the Needs Purchasing Report, but for another (and exact same conditions) it was the glitch.