Scouts who have already earned Nova Patch need Pi Device

I have 4 Webelos scouts that earned the Nova patches when they were Wolves. Now they have all completed another Nova award. Two have been marked to (correctly) earn Pi devices and two have been marked to receive nova hanging patches again. Weirdly, the photo of their awards for these two scouts SHOWS the pi devices. How do I get the Pi devices on the PO instead of the Nova patches for these two scouts? Thanks!!

@JenniferGardner1 - do the others show the patch on their profile?

Yes, all show the patch and the pi device in their profile

@JenniferGardner1 - for the scouts in question were those initial patches marked as awarded ? I have never in almost 10 years had your experience.

@JenniferGardner1 If you could post the BSA member numbers for the Scouts (no names please), we can take a look.

Yes the initial awards are marked awarded. The two BSA ids are 135776154 and 134207361. Thank you!

This looks like a bug. The Purchase Order is supposed to consider other Nova awards that have been marked as Awarded or are already on other Purchase Orders.

Is it the purchase order that has the patch instead of pin or the needs purchasing report?

Both the needs purchasing and the PO have the patch instead of the pin for these two scouts. The other two scouts show the pi device on both the needs purchasing and the PO.

The Needs Purchasing Report just lists the name of the award – it doesn’t list patch or pin.

Do you mean the Needs Awarding Report?

Well since I have generated the PO, the Needs Purchasing report no longer shows anything of course. So how do I fix the glitch? Can I simply tell the scout shop that these scouts have the Nova patch already and should get the Pi pin instead (maybe print out each scout’s history reports?) Thanks!

I have asked the developers to investigate the bug.

You should be able to tell your Scout shop what you need. I would call and ask your Scout shop and ask them.

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I was able to correct one. I marked his original Nova as unawarded, then deleted the PO it was on and now I see one nova patch and one nova pi for that scout.

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What are the completion dates and the actual Novas of each? There’s not something weird going on like the first one completed was entered second?

135776154 - Up and Away 8/30/20, Down and Dirty 4/19/21. I was able to rectify this one and now I show him with one nova patch and one pi device on the new PO. So this one is all set

134207361 - Out of this World 1/7/19, Nova Wild 4/21/20, Down and Dirty 4/19/21 (Note: this scout has a nova patch and one pi device awarded previosly and the second pi device he needs is showing as a patch on the PO…)

I have also encountered this. Until recently, some of the awards were shown as “Boy Scout Nova Award - XXX” and others as “Scouts BSA Nova Award - XXX” on the Other Awards page. They have all been changed to display as “Nova Award - XXX” on that page, but if you click through to the requirements entry pages, the “Boy Scout” and “Scouts BSA” names persist. My observation was that one variation of the name resulted in only patches being added to the PO and the other led to Pi devices being added appropriately.

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