NOVA training

What training is required to be a NOVA certified councilor? I am looking to conduct NOVA activities with some Wolf scouts this summer.

@Bill_W just linked to the BSA’s list of training in another thread. NOVA Counselor is near the end of the document.

That training is provided and set at your council. Reach out to the council stem committee. You also need tp register as a nova counselor.

The course listed in those links are no longer available

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Good to know. It’s be nice for that to propagate out to units a little more promptly, but given all of the various balls in the air, it’s not surprising.

Page not found

The BSA Learning Center (Training Center) > “Expanded Learning > STEM Nova Counselors and Mentors” is returning a 404 webpage not found error. (Note “STEM” is a separate program and should be labelled “STEM Scouts”.)

Planned change

Per Nova Awards FAQ | Boy Scouts of America (, UPDATED 5/3/2022:

Q: How will STEM Nova counselors and Supernova mentors get trained?

A: Program modules for STEM Nova counselors and Supernova mentors will be available on the STEM Nova awards website for councils to support those positions.

Training requirements

STEM Nova Awards Website 2022

The STEM Nova Awards website appears to be:

2022-05-16-A, revised 2022-05-21-B

As I understand where STEM currently is:
STEM just got the National treatment. The online training has dissapeared. The awards will be available through your ScoutShop while they are still in inventory. After that Councils will be able to order straight from the vendor.

Training is now the responsibility of the Council. That is to everyone’s advantage as the online stuff was not very good. As in, really bad.
Your Council should either have a STEM Committee or have STEM under another Committee. My Council has a STEM position on the Adv Comm and District STEM Chairs. All applications in our Districts for awards and Nova/Supernova positions go through District STEM Chairs. All District STEM Chairs are registered as Supernova Mentors. That position requires both an education and experience in a STEM field.

My Council had a STEM Committee but put it back under the Adv Comm. Interestingly, when I asked National’s Adv Comm if they would every include anything about STEM, or other awards, in their National Adv Newsletter I got a very terse reply that Adv only dealt with rank and those were not rank.

While the STEM books exist I would suggest you get one at the Pack and Scout levels. They are not up to date with all the newer Novas. The books will not get updates. But they are a good source of info.
One concern you will have at the Pack level is that the belt loops that were ‘retired’ because they ‘were not popular’ are extensively used in the Novas. I made a tally of the use for a STEM UoS presentation recently. So, either those Nova requirements can be used without getting the belt loop, or just use the two activity options. Or, (hint) you can be clever and buy a bunch of the belt loops now that you know you are going to use and give them out when kids do them. Belt loops don’t need an Adv Report to purchase.

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@DavidSchilpp Also adventure pins for Webelos Scouts.

@DavidSchilpp - Thank you for your statement of understanding… I assume you are referring to the STEM Nova Awards and not the STEM Scouts BSA® program.

Rereading the FAQ updated 5/3/2022,

Q: How does the council support STEM Nova mentors and Supernova counselors?
A: On June 1, 2022 the STEM Nova website on will have program resources in the form of power points that your council may use to support STEM Nova mentors and Supernova counselors.
Q: How will STEM Nova counselors and Supernova mentors get trained?
A: Program modules for STEM Nova counselors and Supernova mentors will be available on the STEM Nova awards website for councils to support those positions.

I am concluding that the STEM Nova Awards website is

It looks like things are in transitional and we need to wait until June 1, 2022 to see how access to training is implemented.

I suspect the old training was removed because it was obsolete and or being created using different tools.


Love reading your posts. You do a great job of researching the docs.
Now that the general forums are gone I will miss that.

Yes, was refering to STEM awards. Looks like National is freezing that program in place and off loading the running of it to Councils.
There was a national volunteer STEM Committee. My guess is that it has met a dismal fate.

Have never seen STEM Scouts in action. Very few Councils have it.
Seems to be an attempt to bring in a totally different group. In my opinion seems to be diluting the Scout ‘brand’ rather than bringing in more participants.