STEM Nova Training “Page Not Found”

Good Morning All

I went to start my Nova training to get the message “Page Not Found”
I go to training
-Expanded learning in
—Stem Nova

Is there something up with Scoutbook or the course?

Thanks for any help in advance

@BryanGalante this has nothing to do with Scoutbook as all trainings are part of the system. I am not aware if the STEM/NOVA Training is still supported, as that program has been dropped by National

It seems like they removed the training, but only half way.

Yeah, with the Supernova/Nova becoming council administered, the online trainings were removed. The learning modules are offline at Counselors & Mentors | Boy Scouts of America so you’d need a commissioner or key 3 to enter the training code after going through it.

Really more a question for council but I would be surprised if they knew

How about they remove the link to them? Ya know, finish the job that was started?

I am bringing it to the attention of the programmers/web designers

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my.scouting folks notified to remove the links

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