STEM Nova Counselor/Supernova Mentor Training

As of Jun 1, 2022, these awards are administered by the local council. The requirements for the awards, along with other program support, are on this website. Training for use by the Council can be found at

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STEM Nova Awards Program References

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This June 1, 2022, change is primarily a change in who approves the award, from national to council level. (See FAQ).

STEM Nova Awards Counselors & Mentors Training

… STEM Nova Counselor or Supernova Mentor must submit an adult application and complete Youth Protection Training.

… Learning Modules … are a series of learning modules to support STEM Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors. These modules may be

  • self-instructed or
  • used by a local council to provide in-person training.

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July 6, 2022 Scoutbook Updates extract

New Features

  • STEM/NOVA Awards
    • 2022 updates to the Scouts BSA STEM/NOVA awards have been added to Scoutbook.
    • 2022 updates to the Venturing STEM/NOVA awards have been added to Scoutbook.