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November 11, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Switch SSO
    • A typo and image error have been fixed on the Switch SSO page.
  • Merit Bages
    • Scoutbook will use the earliest available non-Eagle required Merit Badges for the elective Merit Badges for Star and Life. If there are not enough non-Eagle required Merit Badges to complete Star or LIfe Requirement 3, then Eagle Required Merit Badges will be used.
  • Life/Eagle Tenure Timer
    • An issue that caused the Tenure Timer for Life and Eagle ranks to not function has been fixed. Requirement 1 and overall complation for Star, Life and Eagle will not be able to be marked complete until the required time in rank has elapsed.

New Features

  • Time Zone
    • Unit Admins will now be able to set the Time Zone for the unit on the Edit Unit page. The Time Zone is used to send the proper time in reminder e-mails. A future enhancement will be released to allow units to specify if they are in an area that observes Daylight Saving Time.
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