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October 31, 2019 🎃 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes :spider:

  • Calendar Time Zone
    • Times for calendar entries will now display in the local Time Zone as set by the user’s device. You must log out of Scoutbook if your device Time Zone changes in order for the new Time Zone to be used.
    • Existing events for units located within the Untied States have been updated so they display correctly based on the unit’s Time Zone. Units with an APO, FPO or DPO zip code were not converted. Admins in units that were not converted can edit their events to correct the times or send an e-mail to with the desired UTC offset to have them converted by development (this may take time to complete).
    • If your events have reminders that compensated for Scoutbook sending them out based on Central Time Zone (ex: you are in the Eastern Time Zone and wanted reminders sent 1 hour before the event so you set it to 2 hours before) you will need to manually adjust your reminders. Reminder times were not adjusted but they will now be sent relative to the unit’s Time Zone, not Central Time Zone.
  • Calendar Whoops
    • The Whoops error that some users received when clicking on an event has been fixed.
  • Eagle Palms
    • Eagle Palms cannot be marked Approved unless Eagle is marked Approved.
  • Interpreter Strip
    • The Interpreter Strip was not appearing in the Needs Purchasing Report when earned by Cub Scouts. The Interpreter Strip will now appear on the Needs Purchasing report and Purchase Order when earned by Cub Scouts. Since the BSA does not track for which language the Interpreter Strip was earned, use the Purchase Order Notes Field to designate the proper Interpreter Strip to buy.
  • Nova Awards on Quick Entry
    • Venturing Nova Awards were appearing on the Cub Scout Awards Quick Entry list. This issue has been corrected.
  • Trained Leader Patch
    • In some cases, the Trained leader patch was not being displayed properly on an adult leader’s position page. This issue has been fixed.

New Features :jack_o_lantern:

  • None

Removed Features :ghost:

  • Needs Purchasing Report Mark as Awarded button
    • The Mark As Awarded button has been removed from the Needs Purchasing Report. This button caused many awards to not appear on the Purchase Order because it was clicked by mistake. Use the Needs Awarding report to mark awards awarded.
  • Retired Awards on Quick Entry
    • The Cub Scout Academic & Sports Program belt loops and pins have been removed from Quick Entry.
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