November 16, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Advancement Toggle
    • An issue that caused the Save button to not be displayed on the Edit Extended Information page when setting the Scouts BSA Advancement toggle has been fixed. This change will allow Scouts registered in a Crew or Ship but not a Troop to change their Scoutbook account to track Scouts BSA advancement.
  • Eagle Palms
    • An issue that prevented some Eagle Palms entered by councils to not be marked approved in Scoutbook has been fixed.
  • Send Message
    • An issue that caused unique e-mails to be sent to every individual on the distribution list, causing the message to appear as if BCC was checked has been fixed. The fix requires a change to the unsubscribe link in the e-mail. Instead of each individual receiving a custom link, a generic link is now included in the e-mail. To unsubscribe, the individual will need to enter their e-mail address on the unsubscribe page then enter a code that will be sent to the entered e-mail address.

New Features

  • None
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