On Line Registration 5th grader for Cub Scouts

A few parents are running into problems using the on line registration tool to enroll 5th graders into Cub Scouts due to age restriction (the youth just turned 11)

We put in the age and the grade.

The youths want to be with rest of friends in 5th grade and do not want to join Troop yet.

Since online registration is not handling, would Council be able to override with a paper application… This really needs to be fixed if we want to continue to move forward with the online system.

I would think they could take a paper application, but that’s a question they’d have to answer.

I just saw 2 scouts turn 18 and missed Eagle cause parents did this - Scouts missed time in Scouts - something to consider and am sure Council will mention

Yes the council can still register them as a Cub Scout. We had a lot of these last year that were already 11 in 5th grade and had to use paper applications. I had not heard of any this year, and we registered over 800 new cub scouts in our district, so I was hoping they had fixed this. Very sad that they have not, but surprised we did not run into any.