Online Application Question

I have a former cubscout (a few years ago) looking to join troop - does the Online Application tool “Find” them so no new MID is made? I have never tried this scenario.

@DonovanMcNeil - that is an interesting proposition. I am not certain how long the MID is retained and will soon find out on a re-join after being dropped at last recharter.

MIDs are never reused - just not sure if the system even searches for a match or not - I would assume it does as other elements of the my.scouting tools system does search. Just seeing if anyone knew

Yes. I think it was by name and birthday. I think I know this by doing a test application and it asks if you were a scout before.

If you are talking about beascout, you can look up MIDs for previous scouts. I didn’t go all the way through, but I started one.

My applications, for normal in council transfers, only lists current registrations.