Manage Member ID - does it work for youth?

Before I tell a scout to use this tool to associate his two MID’s, does this tool exist for youth who creates a My.Scouting account?

I have a scout who has transferred from another council and now has a new MID from our council. Is there value for the scout to keep track of both MID’s? My procedure, in the past, was to just replace the old MID with the new MID in the scout’s Scoutbook account. This process maintained one Scoutbook account for all the scout’s records.

it does work - if the scout has any training it will match up - it is also a repository OF the MIDs for the Scout. The Scout does have to have an account to use it of course

Thanks for the reply, Donovan.

I have checked the scout’s old number for training. There is none attached; this is the expected result, as he is a Cub Scout. The attached parent also has no training.

Here’s the situation:

Scout moved from out of council. He was previously registered, but not for this year, 2021. His birthday is outside the standard range, so we could not use online registration.

I used the Scoutbook transfer tool to bring the scout’s SB account into the correct den in the pack. Parents were attached. I submitted a paper application to council to register the scout in the pack.

The council misspelled the scout’s first name, causing the automatic search and sync to fail. New accounts for the scout and one parent were created in the pack, but not in a den. I called council to correct the name spelling.

Today, the name is correct. However, the second accounts still exist.

Please merge these:

  • Scout -
  1. good account = SBU 10405727, has old council MID 136503021
  2. extra account = SBU 11813473, has MID 137261079 from new council
  • Parent -
  1. good account = SBU 10448049, has old council MID 136503022
  2. extra account = SBU 11813690, has MID 137261080 from new council

The remaining question is - will this change to the parent account affect her login credentials?

Thanks for the help.

ok they should be good to go

Thank you. 987654321(20 characters)