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Online Application Process

Just had an online application for a youth that I approved - went back to MYST roster to see the youths name and it was not there - I guess it has to go through a sync to show up on MYST roster? then on SB roster later

NOTE: I have used this process alot but never went back and looked this fast LOL

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As CM, about a month ago I transferred a few scouts using the new tool to 2 Troops, including my son and myself (as a multiple).

I noticed that once the applications were accepted, it seemed to take about a day before we showed up on the troop roster my.scouting.org (overnight, I think), and then another day before our profiles switched form the Pack to the Troop in Scoutbook (this actually seemed to occur in the evening, so less than a day really).

So, yeah, it seems like multiple syncs are needed.

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How long does it take for an online application to appear once submitted? A parent just submitted a new youth and the Crew Advisor is not seeing the application on their end to be able to accept it.

it is near instant @MatthewAnderson6 - as Council you should also be able to see it in MYST