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Pack messages not getting to hotmail accounts

As of Thursday our Cubmaster and his wife who both have Emails on hotmail aren’t getting the messages sent through Scoutbook messages even though they are selected as parents and leader. Cubmaster sent the messages from Scoutbook -
Did something happen in a recent update to not allow Scoutbook to send to hotmail accounts?

Yes, they checked their spam/junk and have added Scoutbook to approved but still they get no messages

@LianneRutty - this has happened before with Hotmail and it has generally been an issue with Hotmail and senders it considered spam senders.

Is there a workaround for the parents short of setting up another email account to receive scouting emails? It had worked without fail until last Thursday - 10/22/20.

@LianneRutty - this may be something to look at:


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