Any idea why I'm not getting email?

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I’m the popcorn Kernel for our pack. My husband is an Assistant Cubmaster. We have 2 scouts in the pack.

I can send messages via Scoutbook and receive messages when sent just to and by the leadership.

Neither my husband nor I are receiving messages sent to our children’s dens, so we miss all of the den information. This started this past spring. I thought it was just due to Covid - and the dens had stopped, but it turned out both dens actually had online meetings that our kids missed.

We’ve tried figuring out where the disconnect is and no one can figure it out.

I was the Kernel last year, too, and didn’t have this issue.

We also have Scout in a Troop and we have leadership roles there, and have no issues getting the messages from the Troop sent to parents.

Any ideas? We are listed as being both parents and Pack leaders and I’ve double checked my cub scouts’ profiles - we are linked to all of our children.



Do you know the pack is using Scoutbook for messaging? Odd question but it is first thought.

Are you relatively new to the den? Some leaders define a group using the Feature Assistant Extension, then use that group to send out Scoutbook messages. maybe the group needs updating? again, assuming @DonovanMcNeil’s first impulse isn’t the issue.

ETA: I wonder if having a unit admin go to your scouts’ connections and reapprove you both as parents might “fix” it. I’m wondering if it’s a variant on the “Scoutbook forgot I was an Admin” issue.

Are these “messages” or calendar “reminders” that you aren’t getting?

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