Still not receiving emails from scoutbook

I am the Committee Chairman for Troop 9007 and am concerned that the troop and its leaders are not getting the emails I send. I know that I am not. Please help as this is how I communicate with everyone.


See the banner message at the top of the forums.

Aw, yes I did see that but it isn’t there anymore so I thought maybe it was resolved. I was trying to not use my personal email, but maybe I will just until this gets fixed.

" If you have one of the addresses, we recommend going logging into Scoutbook or and changing it."

I am confused. My email has hotmail in it. I need to be able to use that since it is my only email. What do I need to change?


Until this this issue is resolved, Scoutbook e-mail going to and certain other domains is being blocked on the recipient end.

If you do not have an alternate e-mail address, you should probably notify your unit leaders that you are not getting e-mail from Scoutbook and that they should use an alternate method of sending messages.

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