Page loads of Scoutbook for Roster take 10-30 seconds +


Can you please share this note with the folks who maintain scoutbook? I am finding page loads of roster taking 10-35 seconds and it’s really hampering my ability to be helpful to my troop when updating advancement records.

Thanks! Ed - Advancement Co Chair, Troop 29, Golden Gate Council

Hello dedicated scoutbook software developers,

I know you are very hard at work adding new features. I know it’s hard maintaining a legacy application. This is not easy!

That said, I need your help! When I access my roster in scoutbook, it takes about 18-34 seconds to load. This makes it inefficient for me to do most things like signing off on requirements, merit badges. I end up spending more time in scoutbook than helping out scouts.

This causes me to interact less with online scoutbook and more with the physical scoutbook. This is too bad because I’d love for more scouts and parents to use it as the source of truth. We could speed up recognition and awards if people could see their progress.

Maybe it’s how I’m using it and you can suggest a better way. Usually, as advancement chair I’m trying to sign off an individual on a requirement. I know about quick entry, this can help.

My humble request: Would you please consider investing some time and energy to optimize the performance of scoutbook page loads - especially loading the roster?

I’m don’t know what the design is for scoutbook, and I’m not an expert in software architecture. However, I do work with software experts. If you need help I can connect you with them. I find myself wondering, is it a query issue, a hardware issue, a caching issue? Maybe they could take a look at the queries and suggest some improvements?

I have 51 scouts in my troop.
I access it from Google Chrome.
My internet connection is 100MB download per second.
I have performance insights from google developer tools if you want, please contact me.

Thank you very much!

Ed Kraay

@EdwardKraay Have you tried under Roster - Clean Old Connections? That often helps

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Not yet, will do and get back to you!

Also turn off any browser extensions, they may be interfering.

Thanks DonovanMcNeil - cleaning the roster helped. Cleaned about 20 connections. It went from ~24 seconds to 11 seconds. I am curious how we might make it faster 1-2 seconds would help so much.

Moving to a new stack should help over time

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@EdwardKraay Have you tried working from the patrol pages instead of the Troop Roster page?

Or using the Needs Approval Report if you are just approving stuff that has already been entered?

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