Extremely slow site

This site is super slow in almost everything you try to do. However, it is extremely when accessing profiles/roster. Can anything be done to address this?



We need to know which page you are seeing performance issues on.

We know pages hosted by Internet Advancement are unacceptably slow. The developers are aware and will be working on performance improvements.

As far as we have seen, performance of Scoutbook hosted pages are OK unless you are part of a huge unit, then just the sheer amount of data slows the system down.

Yup, Internet Advancement, you might as well click on it and make a sandwich. Pack Roster is almost as bad. We do not have a big pack. If this runs on AWS, you should be able to use Aws console and see the metrics on where you guys are the slowest. Not sure if you use Dynamodb or something, but all those metrics are in there. From a user perspective, the entire site is pretty laggy.

Is Pack Roster something you guys are working on? We have about 50-65 people in our pack (including adults). Is that considered big?


Internet Advancement performance is a known issue. We do not know when the developers will be working on improvements. Scoutbook is significantly faster.

I find a refresh often solves it if it feels stuck

I agree that Internet Advancement is very slow. However the purpose of the ticket is Pack Roster. It is slow and it never improves. Even after going to it once, you would think it would be faster leveraging cache or something, but that is never the case. Every visit is slow.

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The Pack Roster page in Scoutbook? Or in Internet Advancement?

Pack roster on Scoutbook is very slow.

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I have asked the developers to investigate why roster performance appears to have degraded in Scoutbook.

I’ve also noticed the pack roster responding extremely slow. Other pages as well, navigating around takes 10-30 seconds.

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I am having this same issue currently, 8/23/22, 8pm. Using either laptop OR mobile site, nothing is loading right now. I get the site to open but then it locks up. Troop roster will not open, no matter what I do. I am Unit Advancement Chair for a large troop of over 50 scouts, and every meeting is a huge upload of records. I cannot access anyone right now.

It seems to have basically shut the whole site down at this point. IT is aware.

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I am having access issues as well. Getting a 504 error code. Slow response from the server.

same here, trying to get eagle advancement entered and can’t get in.

Scoutbook is working again

Pack roster is still taking 20+ seconds to load, on each visit.

Troop Roster on Scoutbook is still slow 45 seconds to a minute, timed.

Very difficult to update PoRs and Patrols, and verify.

I have notified the developers.

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