Scoutbook is too slow

It takes a full minute to load my Troop’s roster, if it even loads at all. It makes using the site very difficult during meetings. Rather than new features, I think you need to work on the usability of the site.

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How many people? It seems like around >50-60 Scouts is when it boggs down. Due to the eventual move to the new interface (Internet Advancement), I would be surprised if they fix it. Roster wise, the new interface is very fast.

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Going to roster and clean old connections for the whole units helps some

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We have 73 Scouts and 59 Leaders.

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That is consistent with what I have seen. With the current “old” interface eventually going away, it likely will not be sped up. Where you can use the patrols and new roster, you will see it more useful.

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The whoops errors I was getting tonight was trying to go to the Advancement page for a single Scout. I do not believe these new performance issues are related to unit size.


Our troop only has eight scouts, and Scoutbook lags to the point that it is almost unusable, particularly on Monday evenings during our meetings.

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@RalphSmith BSA IT is aware of the issue and investigating.


Last night 12/4 had similar difficulty and can’t use it during our Troop Meeting. 69 Scouts.

Tonight on a non-troop meeting night - can’t get to Advancement Page “Error Loading Page”

Tried Shift F5 and incognito with same results.

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BSA IT is aware of the issue. They are collecting performance data for analysis.

@edavignon Ed, did they say when they could fix it?


I have not heard anything. Are you seeing performance issues tonight?

We have experienced a lot of slowdowns lately as well. Our troop isn’t that large, so I don’t feel it’s related to the number of Scouts/Adults.

While we’ve seen slow page transitions in various places, it most often seems to occur when trying to bring up a Scout’s advancements. Sometimes it wouldn’t even load at all. We’d just get the “Whoops” message, or the whole page would fail to respond. I just wanted to mention that in case it helps to focus in on the problem.

Appreciate that IT is looking into it. It would be great if a fix was found for this. We like to use Scoutbook during troop meetings as we make sure things are up to date for our Scouts. As I’m sure is the case with most troops, we have a lot going on during our meetings. When quick Scoutbook updates end up taking 5-10 minutes to do because of delays and the need for multiple attempts, it really turns into a frustrating experience for what is generally a very helpful tool.

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