Paul Bunyan Award needs update

There is some confusion about this award. The award is listed twice - once with the old name and again with the new name. Neither is the current version of requirements. Both could be combined into one with different year versions of requirements. The award patch is the same for all versions.

The Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award was created before 1996.

Its requirements were revised in 1996.

Another revision took place on January 01, 2019. This is what is listed in Scoutbook. If this is not combined with the Paul Bunyan Award, then it should be marked as obsolete (not retired, as the award still exists with a new name).

The award was renamed the Paul Bunyan Award on January 01, 2020, with revised requirements. This is what is listed in Scoutbook.

The requirements were revised again on January 01, 2021. Paul Bunyan Award | Boy Scouts of America

Thank you, we will alert the developers

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