Payment Log Error - Amount Must Be a Positive Number - Custom Amounts extension

I’m trying to enter a payment on the Quick entry screen with Custom Amounts. This year, I get an error that says: “Amount must be a positive number”. It also highlights the “Amount” field at the bottom of the form. Last year, it worked just fine and the Custom Amounts feature allowed me to enter in each Scouts individual credit from this one page.

I have the extension for Scoutbook installed.
I have Windows 10 Home installed
I tried this task in the following browsers:
Chrome 106.0.5249.119
Chrome 106.0.5249.119 incognito tab
Edge 106.0.1370.47
Edge 106.0.1370.47 private tab

I also tried all of the above, and also with a number 1 in the Amount field of the form. None of my entries are negative.

Can you try entering the same amount on the same scout without the extension? That’ll help isolate the issue.

First, extension does not touch these numbers.

I also noticed that on your screen - the total amount is wacky - it should be an even number but is 346.8999999.

How many are in your unit on the screen? Are you trying to select all?

There are 15 Scouts in the United, plus 12 or so adults in the unit.

I have selected 6 of the 15 Scouts.

If I use only whole numbers, it works! Not ideal, but I will take it as a work around!

I have reproduced the error and will report to the developers

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