Payment Log Quick Entry - Amount must be a positive number


I’m just gettting started with both Scoutbook and Feature Assistant. I was experimenting with creating payments and credits, and came across the unexpected issue of only being able to enter whole dollar values in the Payment Log Quick Entry. If, for example, I enter “25.75” as a payment amount to apply to all, I get the error “Amount must be a positive number.”

However, if I create a Payment Log entry for an individual Scout w/o using the Feature Assistant, I am able to enter “25.75” as a valid amount. This seems to be an input validation issue that needs to be corrected. I’m using Feature Assistant on Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit) for OS X.


@GregoryPendergast I verified the issue - thanks for pointing it out. I am working on the fix.

@GregoryPendergast An update has been released for the Chrome extension.

Thanks for the quick response and fix, Gary! I just tested and confirmed it’s working for me.


I do not see the “Payment log quick entry” Do you have to be the Treasurer to access it? Sorry, our Troop is new to this software.

Thomas - do you have the feature assistant for chrome installed?