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Payment Log issue

In the Payment log i use to be able to balance the checking account each month by making a entry of 0.001 and then putting the account balance in the notes. Tonight i can not get this to take an amount below 1.00.
I have tried everything i know. Clearing the catch, history and cookies. Is this a issue on Scoutbook side or was it disabled to enter anything less than 1.00

I hope something like this continues. It makes a nice way to add a dated note. :slight_smile:

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@JamesOdom - appears that the issue was related to the feature assistant rather than scoutbook itself.

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@Stephen_Hornak @JamesOdom No, it is not a Feature Assistant issue. It is a native problem in Scoutbook, recently introduced. The developers have been notified.

A Feature Assistant release was published today that contains a workaround for the Scoutbook bug and will let you enter values less than $1

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@GaryFeutz - thank you for the correction. Sorry to think that it was the extension.

Thank you for helping with this. Makes my life so much easier

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