Payment log for former Scout

Is there any way to see a payment log for a former Scout?

One of my Webelos 2 Scouts handed a transfer application to his new Troop earlier than I expected and, once that was processed, the Scout was moved out of my Pack in Scoutbook. Luckily, I knew the advancement stuff that he needed, but there’s a question about a payment and I have no access to the payment log. This is extremely inconvenient and this whole auto-moving the Scout to a new unit wasn’t well thought out.

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@PhilipErb The only way to see the payment log is to have him transferred back into your Pack temporarily.

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension, there is a “Close Account” feature that is helpful for long term accounting. It uses a dummy scout account called RemovedScout Account. Using the feature copies all of the transactions from a Scout that is about to leave into this account then zeros the balance in the moving scout’s account. All transactions copied over are tagged with the Scout’s name.

Do not use the payment log feature for this reason. Scoutbook data is subject to removal at the whim of national.

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Yeah, it’s tough, because it does provide a nice log for parents to scroll through. At the very least, I’m going to regularly take exports of the data, to cover my rear from situations like this in the future.

Are you a pack admin? If so, you are probably still connected to the scout. Check My Dashboard > Administration > My Profile > My Connections and you should find him with an x on the right side, since he is no longer in your unit. To move him back, edit his membership = end his Scouts BSA membership, and remove the end date of his last Cub Scout membership. Remember the date. Then access his payment log, gather the info you need, zero his payment log, and then reverse his membership change to put him back in the troop. Best to do this when the troop does not want to access his account. If the date of transfer is not accurate, you can correct it during the process.

I would recommend coordinating with the troop before doing this. Changing memberships between units can remove the Scout from calendar events, so the troop would want to know.

Your treasurer should definitely keep the balances in another location along with all of your financial info. Payment log simply serves the purpose of easily allowing anyone with the proper privileges to see it so people don’t have to pester your treasurer all the time.

Our Troop uses the log to track scouts earned money from the annual fundraiser. Their allocated funds are decremented monthly for dues and for camping and other costs through the year. It has be a great way for the Troop to track with Parents to ensure transparency of these earned resources by scout and simplified /reduced number of financial processes for our Troop.
Hopefully soon SCOUTBOOK will add a paypal, CC or other online payment process linked to Payment log.


Agree on needing a link to pay for calendar events.