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Permanently keep list of all troop Eagle Scouts w/ date earned

It would be nice to be able to keep a log of all the Troop’s Eagle Scouts. Those dates sometimes need to be accessed after the scout has aged out and their information permanently deleted from the troop roster.

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I agree this is good info to keep. If you are a troop admin, you can retrieve the advancement info for former troop members from the Reports menu on My Dashboard. Select “Scouts BSA History Report” and enter the scout’s last name and BSA ID.
As our troop’s Advancement Chair, I create an archive copy of the Scouts BSA History Report for all of our scouts who age out or don’t renew, and save it locally. That way I can provide the info if a scout or parent requests it. I also send a final version of the History Report to each of our Eagle Scouts and the parents for their own records.


As a long term (30+ years)Adult member of a Troop that just turned 85, the SM at the time had a Typed document back in the early 90’s. I took a copy of the Document and created an simple spreadsheet (I think I was using Quatro Pro at that time) (Just First & Last Name with Year to start with, Now First & Last Name with complete Date). I have updated it as required over the years. (Now in Excel with 129 Eagles).
You probably cannot retrieve the names and dates of the oldest Eagles from the National records (If I remember correctly Council started requiring the Use of of IA 1.0 in 2011, Before that we just turned in the hardcopy Advancement Report to the Scout Shop when we purchased Ranks and MBs.
Our Council keeps a list (Goes back to 1914) for all Eagles by Year and then Name (no unit info) so if you had the year and Name you might be able to verify.
In addition we have an Eagle Nest wall in the Scout hut with a photo of almost all the Eagles (the newest Eagles may not have a photo) (Parents may not have submitted to troop, none of the Unit adults who attended the ECOH took a photo, etc).
We usually attempt to have a “spare Eagle pin, slide, neckerchief” and a camera at Eagle BORs and take a just in case photo.
I have seen other troops have a plaque (or 2) with the list of Eagles (Names & Dates of BORs) in the Units Scout Hut/Building.

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Our troop has the same thing, however, our scoutmaster before this scoutmaster didn’t keep track of it and get the name plates added to our plaque. Now the scoutmaster before him found the plaques and has asked me for a list. I can get that list from our Council office, but it would have been so much easier to be able to pull up a list on Scoutbook.

The BSA policy is that once a Scout is no longer part of a unit, the records are not to be accessible by the unit. If you need historical data for your unit you will need to contact your Council.

Unless the BSA changes this policy, there is nothing that can be done in Scoutbook to retain these records.

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