Bug? BSA History Report Broken

Can’t retrieve any BSA History reports. Error states:

The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (100)

ref: PD-20240123150440-312637-599720

@ScottLavender first guess is it is because your Admin position is expired - that is first thing to check

Is the BSA History report limited to only scouts currently on the charter? (e.g. Don’t see my November/December Eagles (17 and 18+) who were dropped during the recharter)

If so, why? Why is the history report limited to only current scouts?

I am a Key 3 Delegate. If I was the COR Delegate instead would the report be different?


On the My Dashboard page, the Reports link has an option for History Reports that require a BSA Member ID and the Scout’s last name. A unit admin can run this report and get the history for previous Scouts. As a Key 3 Delegate you should have access to this report.

@ edavignon Yes. I heard it existed but only ever got sent to IA and forced to pick from a list of current scouts. I dug into it again and figured it out. It looks like the BSAId history report is only available on the Dashboard page in Scoutbook. As soon as you click into a troop the ‘Scouts BSA History Report’ link turns into a re-direct to the IA pick from a list of current boys only history report.

So, there is no way to run a report showing all of our Eagles from the last 4 years? The only way is to have an old exported list of BSAIDs and go through each one of them one at a time running an individual history report?


This is correct. The BSA has stated that records belong to the Scout, not the unit so the only way to get old records is with the Scout’s Member ID and last name.


OK. IMHO as usual terrible policy changes from BSA. I know historical data was available previously because I pulled a report to put together a list of past Eagle scouts to put on our web site and to produce an email list to invite them to participate in current Eagle Nests if they are in town. Also, since I have export backups I have the information except I have to dig for it and if we were using Troopmaster or something that uploads to IA we would still have it all too. Or, I have lists of BSAIDs so I can manually go pull all the data one at a time. The policy only makes the system a pain to use.

Anyway, how does a former scout view his BSA personal protected data that belongs to him? When my college student son logs into Scoutbook, he sees nothing except gerenic profile info and anything he clicks on takes him to a ‘NO SCOUTBOOK PLUS INTERNET ADVANCEMENT ACCESS’ ‘LOGOUT’ error screen.


Scoutbook has never allowed units to get record of youth who are no longer members. The BSA did not make any policy changes. It has always been the policy of the BSA that if units need access to former Scout’s records they need to contact the Council. The SUAC was able to convince the BSA to allow access to former Scout’s records if the BSA Member ID and last name are known.

Your son with first initial O should be able to log in to https://scoutbook.scouting.org with his e-mail @live.com go to My Dashboard → Reports and access both his Cub Scouts History Report and Scouts BSA History Report. Note his e-mail address in Akela, the BSA person database differs from the address in my.scouting.org and Scoutbook. This will not be an issue logging in but he should probably edit his profile and save it if @live is correct so that it pushes to Akela or update it as necessary.


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