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Please add feature to browse scout shop SKU #'s and add to purchase order

It would be nice to be able to add SKU numbers to a purchase order for items that are not advancement related (like den chief cords). Also, it shows that I can print rank cards and shows the sku # to buy for those card sheets, but there is no way to add those sku’s to the PO.

Also if there was a way to have a tax calculator added where final tax could be figured in, that would be nice. That way the PO can be given to treasurer and he can have a check already made out for total amount.


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Figuring the tax is pretty complex – there’s a lot of variables there to deal with… State tax rates, local tax rates, whether your unit has a sales tax exemption, etc… It would be great to have this all figured out, but it’s no small task.

We either pay out of pocket for what we need and get reimbursed by our treasurer, or borrow the troop debit card, or get a blank check from the treasurer.

The cost of awards on the Purchase Order should be looked at as an estimate, not an exact amount. Supply Group frequently changes pricing without notifying the Scoutbook team. Since there is not a direct link between Supply Group’s pricing data and Scoutbook, the prices must be manually updated, usually after a user indicates there is a discrepancy.

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