Can you please add the option to remove items from purchase orders?

We create an Open Purchase Order once we are ready to purchase awards, but often times, the scout shop is out of some items. When this happens, we have to delete the purchase order, leave off the missing items, and create a new one. I am not sure if this creates an issue on the back end, because I turn my advancement report in to the scout shop (when we are getting rank advancement patches) - and now my new one will have a different number than the one I submitted to the scout shop. I don’t want it to look like we are doing anything fishy. It would be super helpful if we could just remove items off of the open PO, that then go back to the Needs Purchasing list for next time. It would also allow for accurate records.

That has been released


I actually just noticed the option within scoutbook for the first time. That’s awesome! Thank you!!

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