Please correct the first name

BSA# 136221165
This scout’s first name should be Shruti, not Shkuti.

Please, correct this.



You need to ask your council registrar to correct the Scout’s name. After they correct it, the change will be pushed to Scoutbook within 48 hours.

We did it a couple times. So I’m trying to ask here. If it’s the process, I’ll do it again. Thank you for the quick response!

I looked at Akela, the BSA’s person database and the first name is incorrect there so it can only be changed by the registrar.

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Took care of it for you. for future reference Golden Gate Area Council has a User Support page at (This is only for GGAC members. I cannot fix stuff from other councils.)



I checked Scoutbook, the name was fixed during the overnight sync.

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