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How do I change/correct my First or Last Name in ScoutBook

How does a user make changes or corrections to their First and Last name in ScoutBook? We need to do this because their ScoutBook names are different than their ScoutNet name and the ScoutNet -> ScoutBook link does not match them.

The ScoutBook “Edit Profile” screen displays, but does not allow changes to my name. So how do I make corrections? (In particular, some folks created their ScoutBook accounts with all capital letters, which doesn’t match their ScoutNet name!)


There is not currently any way that I am aware of for a user or unit admin to correct this. I’ve been sending folks to the registrar to verify the correct name is in there, then if it is asking the registrar to refer them over to the Scoutbook support contact at council so this can be escalated to Scoutbook support (which is no longer available to volunteers except via council’s personnel).

I’m not sure what to recommend for you, @GregoryBuchanan, because I understand that you are your council’s Scoutbook contact…

If the First Name, Middle Name or Last Name field is incorrect in Scoutbook, contact your council to have it updated in the BSA person database or ScoutNET. If it is OK in ScoutNET, they can retype it, and update.
Scoutbook should reflect the change in 24 hours.

I have registrar privileges, and have checked that their names are Correct in ScoutNet. So how do I trigger it to push thru to ScoutBook again? If I just edit the field in ScoutNet and resave their record, will that generate a push?


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that is supposed to produce a member update


Yesterday, I went thru ScoutNet and edited all of the entries with case problems. I set them to the proper case and saved the records. The hope was that by doing this, the changes in case in the names would push thru to ScoutBook overnight.

Well I checked several of the records, and the changes in ScoutNet WERE NOT pushed thru to ScoutBook last night. I have also verified that as a user, I am NOT able to edit my name in ScoutBook.

So, how do we as admins, or the user, change their names in their ScoutBook record?



I have asked BSA IT for instructions on how to solve your issue. Stay tuned.


Currently, only a case change will not cause Member Update to push the record to Scoutbook. While we don’t know if this will work, what I suggest you try is to change a name in ScoutNET to something that doesn’t match, for example Gregory to Gregoryx then immediately change it back to Gregory. This may be enough to force an update.

Check the next day to see if the name has been updated. If you do try this, please let us know if it worked.

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