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Pocket Certificate and Scoutmaster name

Under Troop Awards/Needs Purchasing/Purchase Order is the option to print out the merit badge Pocket Certificate cards (on the standard BSA card stock). This includes the scout name, merit badge, troop, and an option for the award date. The Scoutmaster line is left blank, likely for the Scoutmaster to sign the card after it is printed out. However, when there are large numbers of awards, we would like to just print the Scoutmaster’s name in there (either pulling it from the assigned Scoutmaster value in Scoutbook, or, probably preferred, have a free-form box where we can enter in the name before the pdf is generated).

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This is in the backlog. We have no idea if or when the BSA will schedule it for implementation.


What I did for our SM (when we had a summer camp full of ambitious boys and lots of cards to sign): I carved an eraser stamp of his signature (signed initials actually), which I lifted from pencil signed in a notebook.
There are plenty of sites that show how to do this. Eraser+exacto-knife+wood back from axe yard+glue.
Those of you who are into letter-boxing have a good idea of what I’m talking about and probably have a decent ink-pad (maybe even one for each color from ultraviolet to infrared) to loan your SM.

You either pre-stamp the card stock (which requires a template to ensure alignment), or sign/stamp after the card is printed. It might not save time, but it will spare writer’s cramp.


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