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Merit Badge Pocket Certificates

The Scout Store no longer carries the Merit Badge Pocket Certificate on the left (2014 printing, #33414) only the one on the right (2019 printing #654936). I cannot find how/where to go to print the 2019 ones. The link in the PO uses the 2014 version. Unfortunately, the spaces for the information is in different places so I can’t just the 2014 version. There is a link on the order page at Scout Shop for the 2019 version (https://www.scoutshop.org/no-name-provided-654936.html), but it is not complete. There are no “blanks” to fill in the Scout’s name or the Merit Badge they earned - only date, Unit, Council & Unit Leader.

PLEASE HELP! (Also, any news on Pocket Certificates for Rank, yet?)
Yours In Scouting,
Jeni Weisgerber

I forgot to attach the picture…

We do have an open story for this - we do not know when it will be fixed

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Sorry, I could not find any open stories about this.
Thank you.

Hi, @JenniferWeisgerber,

In this context, “open story” means a known bug report that is being tracked and has an explanation of the issue. It’s a programming term, rather than a reference to a thread on the Discourse server.

Hello @JenniferWeisgerber,

I have been playing with the CSV data which can be exported from ScoutBook. Take a look at the screen shot of the PDF file I generated from a test date file. Would love to know your thoughts.


Pocket Certificates are copyrighted. Printing your own on blank paper is a violation of federal copyright law.

I am trying to print on the Pocket Certificates that I bought from the Scout Store. Just trying to print the Scout’s name, Merit Badge earned, etc in the spaces provided. The spaces for the printer to fill in those spaces on the old version of the “printable” pocket certificate and the new version don’t match up.


This is a known issue and is in the development backlog to be fixed. Unfortunately Supply Group does not consult with or notify BSA IT when the pocket certificates are being changed.

This is where managers need to talk to each other about “gives / gets” in the relationship and proper change management.

Yes, we have said that for years and IT has requested to be notified when things change that affect Scoutbook and other programs. Unfortunately it rarely happens.


@edavignon, Having Scoutbook able to print onto the pre printed card stock is only part of the issue. A sheet contains 8 cards. But how often do you have the need to print 8 rank cards of the same rank. If I print one Scout Rank Card I can not put the sheet of paper back in the printer and get it to position correctly.
So the other 7 cards are money sent to the recycling bin.
For the Merit Badges can you only print the presentation card when you have 8 merit badges or leave some number blank.
This is an issue which affect many scout troops.

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At a certain point, there will come a day when our scouts will come over with their kids, and we pull out memorabilia that survived flood and fire, and the kids will say, “Wow, Gramps, your SM really liked you all. He filled out your MB Certificates by hand while our dad’s Certs were cranked out on lousy Ariel 8-point!”
And Gramps will reply, “No kids. It took a lot more work for your dad’s poor SM to run his own print shop than it did for mine to lick his fountain pen and start scratching.”



Wasting cards on the 8x sheet is why I hand wrote all of the cards when I was responsible for pack advancement. It didn’t take all that long for a pack of about 50 Scouts.

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I created a fillable PDF for SKU 654936. It worked for our CoH, but please let me know if you have any issues.
Template for Merit Badge Pocket Certificates SKU 654936.pdf (8.3 MB)


I get that you can’t send them through a printer after printing to less than 8 but the extra could be written onto rather than thrown away.


@MarkStephens I would like to try your template also!

@LisaParks, @MarkStephens,

Originally I was using TroopMaster. There is an option in TroopMaster to print labels which can be added to the Pocket Certificates. Because I liked this solution. (my hand writing is bad) I created a plugin for WordPress. (see link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/howescape-scout-book-label-print/) This can be loaded on your site. I have the plugin loaded on my site at http://howescape.com/?page_id=854. You create a CSV file from ScoutBook and the web page loads the information and creates a PDF file. There are 2 parts to the output. A page of labels (option exists to skip missing labels from the previous job) and a lists of the Awards which is used as part of our court of Honor. Any feed back is welcome.

There is a link in his post. You can just download it.

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