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Creating and printing Blue Cards?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about creating digital blue cards and then printing them from Scout Book. As registrar I have zero access to Scout Book so I rely heavily on the written tutorials and videos I find on the Scout book help website. I have been searching for weeks for any helpful information on this topic and have found absolutely nothing. I can only find it being mentioned as something that can be done. Can anyone help?

Did you try help.scoutbook.com?

I did. I have been searching there for weeks now hoping something will come up. As I said in my post I am always searching there for the answers to my volunteer’s questions and normally find them but for this topic I have found nothing helpful.

cannot recall what authority is needed so I will say have Unit Admin go to unit page

Select the Scout(s)/Merit Badge and Date Range

If you want it to print the whole card lines and all - Click “Print on Blank …” otherwise you have to use the correct sheet from scoutshop - be warned there are 2 different ones so get the correct one

It is also on every merit badge page

Screenshot 2020-05-13 10.43.06

This is exactly what I need! Thank you so much!

A couple follow-up questions: I know from watching the merit badge counselor help videos how the MBC signs off on the merit badge being completed but what is the process for the unit leader signatures to start the badge and the complete the badge?

Also, is it possible that the Unit Admin’s “signature” would appear on the blue card instead of the Scoutmaster if the unit admin is able to approve the merit badge completed? I have a volunteer that is concerned that her name is showing on the blue card but she is not the Scoutmaster and I’m thinking it is because she approved the merit badge.

IF the unit uses Scoutbook whoever marks Initial Unit Leader Signature in screenshot above - their name appears. Once the unit approves the overall Merit badge in Scoutbook OR in Internet Advancement - that approvers signature appears (I think) on the final card. As GTA allows a unit leader to delegate tasks.

Wonderful. Thanks so much for you help!

A user needs to be connected to the Scout with Full Control in order to be able to use the print blue card options. (Edit Advancement might also work, but I would have to test to confirm.)

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What this means is that a MBC who is connected to a Scout with only View Profile / Approve Advancement for a particular merit badge will not be able to print the blue card for the Scout.

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