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Printing Blue Card Details

We have several instances of scouts beginning a merit badge with one counselor (at camp or a clinic) then completing it with another counselor. Counselor #1 marks the requirements as approved in SB then later, when the remaining items are completed, the troop MB Counselor marks them as approved. When the last requirement has been completed the MB Counselor marks the MB complete. When we print the blue card, it does not show any details of which counselor approved each requirement, which would typically be listed on a hand generated blue card.
Is there a way to have all the details print out for a MB that has already been completed? Currently the back side of the middle section is blank.

Once a Scout completes a Merit Badge the information for who signed each requirement is not needed. Only the final MBC signature is required.

Because some MBs require multiple Blue Cards to print all of the underlying requirements, it was decided to leave the center section blank. The Scout has still earned the MB, even without showing the underlying requirements.

There is no way to have Scoutbook print requirements for a completed MB on the Blue Card.