Completed requirements not showing on Blue Card

As you can see from the Scoutbook entry screen attached, Frank G has completed some of the requirements for cooking merit badge. When I print the blue card, none of these show up.

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Completed requirements do not show if there are more requirements than space allows on card - by them not showing it shows they are recorded

There are only a handful of requirements completed. There should be plenty of room to show them on the card. I haven’t had this issue with other scouts.

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The image was removed, so I can’t tell. Can I assume that the requirements were marked Counselor Approved, not just Completed and/or Leader Approved? If not, that would be a reason the requirements don’t show up as completed on the digital blue card. I’m unable to reproduce the issue with scouts I counsel who have requirements Counselor Approved.

Are you a leader in the scout’s unit, a MBC, or both?

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I agree with @CharleyHamilton Double check that the requirements are counselor approved.

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On April 7, 2021 a change was released so that only completed requirements that are Counselor Approved or Leader Approved will be printed on the Blue Card. See April 7, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

@KeithMacNeal Can you post the Scout’s BSA Member ID. We will investigate.

BSA Member ID132855669


I have confirmed a bug and will report it to the developers. Since these requirements are Counselor Approved, can you mark them Leader Approved and try printing the Blue Card again? The requirements should have printed with just Counselor Approved. I want to determine if they will print with both Counselor and Leader approval.

Thanks, Ed. The Scout is not in my unit and I only have MB Counselor access. I don’t see an option for me to approve as a Leader.

OK, thanks. I should be able to reproduce the scenario on our test site.

Our troop is having the same issues! The requirements are marked off in scout book but when blue card is printed out there is only a half filled out card with no requirements marked in. This is very frustrating!

@EdithLassich Are the requirements counselor approved? When did you last see this? An issue related to this was just fixed last night.

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This issue has been happening for a while but this was on Tuesday. I will check again today and see what it does. Now you say it needs to be leader approved? But does that mean leader approved when the blue card was opened or closed or both? And yes they were councilor approved.

The bug was that it was not treating counselor approved as approved and required the leader approved. Now that it’s been fixed, requirements should show as completed on the blue card whether counselor or leader approved.

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To clarify, will the initials of the person who “Leader Approved” a requirement appear in the completed requirements, or only the counselor’s initials if they are Counselor Approved?

I don’t think it’s fully fixed. I just tried again on the Scout I was having trouble with and only 1 of the 8 requirements I signed off on are showing on the blue card printout. That is 1 more than the last time I tried.


If Leader Approved, the Requirement # and Date will be printed.
If Counselor Approved, the Requirement #, Date and Counselor Initials will be printed.
If the overall MB is Counselor Approved or Leader Approved, no requirements will be printed as this is a completed Merit Badge.

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Thank you. I will ask the developers to investigate.

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