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Blue card signatures missing or in the wrong place

With so many of our scouts taking virtual merit badges, we are refining our process of using the merit badge feature of Scoutbook. When a merit badge is completed and approved, the blue card is printed from Scoutbook to place in our paper files. I have found some challenges.

  1. Leader approved must be marked by Scoutmaster for his name to appear as unit leader on the card.
  2. The counselor’s signature does not appear on the card
  3. I cannot figure out how to have the “counselor approved” show up in Scoutbook
  4. Completed requirements vanish once the badge is marked completed.
  5. The autofill of the card only occurs on 1/3 of the card
  6. Notes in scoutbook do not appear as remarks; where do you type remarks?
  7. Counselor initials do not appear next to req. complete dates.

I apologize if there is a basic tutorial that covers all this. I have reviewed the video posted by Donovan.
We were hoping to be able to print completed cards. Thank you for all your help.

This is correct and working as designed.

The Merit Badge Counselor needs to mark the MB Counselor Approved in Scoutbook for their signature to appear.

You must connect the MBC to the Scout for the MB in question then the MBC must mark the requirements and/or final completion Counselor Approved.

This is working as designed. The BSA does not require individual requirements to be listed on a completed Blue Card. Since some MBs require multiple Blue Cards, not printing the requirements for a completed MB saves paper.

Blue Cards I have printed from Scoutbook have all information completed provided the MBC and Scout have their addresses listed in Scoutbook.

Scoutbook does not print the remarks section of the Blue Card.

The MBC must counselor approve requirements for their initials to be printed (only print on partial compltion Blue Cards).

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