Printing Cub Adventure Sheets

First, when printing the adventure pocket certificates from the template in Scoutbook purchase order. The template is the older version. The newer version is sku# 646960 which is blue in color not yellow. The names are slightly off the mark and it gets worse as you go to the last card. This has been addressed by other Scouters for months. Can we get it fixed?
Secondly, since there are adventures that are going to be retired, you added verbage “(to be retired.” Can we NOT have that show up on the card print out?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Supply division has switched back and forth between the two versions of the pocket certificates in the past.

I’ve also noted the issue with the to be retired, but I’m not sure how high that will be prioritized.

Can you at least upload both versions into the system? Ypu have it on the Scouts BSA purchase order site both of their versions that we can choose from.

Thank you

That’s definitely a possibility I was thinking about, depending on how likely it seems they’ll continue to offer both versions. It would take longer to do that than just switching the version.

@LanetteEdwards - it is not nearly an upload but programming time involved as well. So I would not anticipate this being done quickly.

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